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Eryn Rosenthal and Ashley Macqueen (Photo: Ned Myerberg)

Kickstarter writes about us on their blog!

August 12, 2011

Holy moly Elisabeth at Kickstarter just wrote this beautiful article about The Doors Project. Check it out! Eryn Rosenthal’s The Doors Project: A Public Performance in the Doorways of Madrid The Doors Project by Eryn Rosenthal The Doors Project is a series of site-specific performances in doorways around the world as envisioned by multidisciplinary performer […]

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The Doors Project on Kickstarter

August 9, 2011

PROJECT SUMMARY I’m Eryn, a Brooklyn-based choreographer/ playwright. I’m raising money to launch The Doors Project, a series of site-specific mini-performances in different doorways around the world. WHY DOORWAYS? Doors are places where we meet the world; they’re also spaces of transition. So they’re very rich places to craft and set a story, and examine […]

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