Albert Boadella: Olfato al tiempo

In January 2002, on the occasion of his company’s 40th anniversary, I interviewed Albert Boadella, the politically outspoken founder and director of Spanish/Catalan theater company Els Joglars. I conducted the interview together with my colleague Domingo Ortega (then-director of Ophelia: magazine of theater and other arts), and the article was published in Ophelia‘s Teatro y política edition in June 2002 as Albert Boadella: olfato al tiempo (roughly “A Nose for Timing,” in Spanish). 

Rosenthal, Eryn and Domingo Ortega (2002). “Albert Boadella: olfato al tiempo.”  OPHELIA, revista de teatro y otras artes. Madrid.

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© Eryn Rosenthal and Domingo Ortega, 2002. Please cite with link to this page.