Buoyant Wait

Eryn Rosenthal and Ashley Macqueen, by Ned Myerberg


Buoyant Wait (a.k.a. Contact Improvisation for Contemporary Dancers)

Buoyancy is related to lightness, and the action of bouncing back instead of sinking (for non-native English speakers: a buoy is that object that bobs on the water’s surface). In dancing, buoyancy for me is deeply connected to the breath, and our constant calibration of the relationship between timing, momentum and weight.  In this fundamentals class, we will build our intuitive reflexes and physical listening skills within the Gravity Lab of contact, while also finding room for buoyancy and play in our relationships. We’ll explore some useful material for achieving that bounce-back quality, fluidity, and confidence in our dance, and will work on getting into and out of the floor (and later, the air) with agility, safety and ease.


Teacher Bio:

Choreographer Eryn Rosenthal is an active member of global Contact Improvisation (CI) research and teacher exchanges. She has performed and taught CI and other forms at the Freiburg International Contact Improvisation Festival, the In-Touch Festival in Barcelona, the Market Theatre Laboratory in Johannesburg, as well as throughout South Africa, Europe and the US. Eryn has worked with choreographer Sello Pesa, poet Elizabeth Alexander, and documentary theatre pioneer Anna Deavere Smith, among others, and she collaborates internationally and locally with artists, architects, musicians, filmmakers, theater practitioners, dancers and activists. Her ongoing series The Doors Project investigates transitions–political, social, intimate–through site-based performance in different doorways around the world. Eryn holds a BA in Comparative Literature from Yale University and an MFA in Dance from the University of Michigan, where she also studied in the Ford School for Public Policy. She is delighted to be back at U-M as a King-Chávez-Parks Visiting Professor and Artist in Residence for Dialogue-Building, Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives.   www.erynrosenthal.com


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