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August 12, 2011

Holy moly

Elisabeth at Kickstarter just wrote this beautiful article about The Doors Project. Check it out!

Eryn Rosenthal’s The Doors Project: A Public Performance in the Doorways of Madrid

The Doors Project

by Eryn Rosenthal

The Doors Project is a series of site-specific performances in doorways around the world as envisioned by multidisciplinary performer Eryn Rosenthal. Her first series will take place in the doorways of Madrid, where Rosenthal formerly lived and studied as a Fulbright Scholar, and where city squares are often named for generations-old doors like Madrid’s La Puerta Del Sol, the recent site of massive public protests.

According to Rosenthal, her Kickstarter project is “about how people can be doorways, and how what happens to someone on the other side of the planet can affect you because we all relate to and have to deal with change — political, familial, economic, intimate. This project is about those curveballs life throws you, and what’s revealed in that crucial ‘doorway moment’ of the way that you deal with it.” Rosenthal sees the door as revealing universality in “hyper-specific, place-related, identity-imprinting details.” The exploration and demonstration of how something deeply personal and unique can still communicate a shared experience is something we see a lot on Kickstarter, and it’s something we’re excited to see as expressed through movement and architecture.

Beyond performance, Rosenthal intends to research, interview, photograph, and film the stories of those she encounters in various doorways. She hopes to make what she calls “doorway history kits,” to engage the local Madrid community both in her work and with each other. She plans to continue this collection, documentation, and performance beyond Madrid; to explore a variety of personal histories that have opened up various doorways (literal and metaphorical) around the world; to eventually merge all her materials into a coffee table book, and all her footage into a short film (“a la Alice in Wonderland,” as she describes it, “where a dance or a conversation starts in one place, travels through a doorway, and vhooom — you’re in another city, with completely different people”). Rosenthal clearly has a lot of passion, a lot of vision, and a lot of plans, and we can’t wait to see how she does in Madrid, her first doorway.

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