The Doors Project on Kickstarter

August 9, 2011


I’m Eryn, a Brooklyn-based choreographer/ playwright. I’m raising money to launch The Doors Project, a series of site-specific mini-performances in different doorways around the world.

WHY DOORWAYS? Doors are places where we meet the world; they’re also spaces of transition. So they’re very rich places to craft and set a story, and examine shifts in character and relationship. They’re also metaphor-packed, hyper-specific locations to examine larger historical transitions as well.

PUBLIC SPACE AND USING LIMITATIONS Most of the performances will be in public space, and the heart of the project is deeply related to that: using the limited space of a doorway within a very limited amount of time to open up our way of dealing with limitations and transitions that scare and befuddle us all. It’s about shifting our frame of reference—or just examining a situation or a door we rush through every day from a different perspective.

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