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Personal, Present and Immediate*: Making Performance on Socio-Political Questions.
–In the Arts & Ideas in the Humanities Program at the University of Michigan’s Residential College, and the Global Theatre and Ethnic Studies Minor; with graduate cross-listing in the School of Social Work and the EXCEL program at the School of Music, Theatre and Dance.

Currently, as an Artist in Residence and King-Chávez-Parks Visiting Professor, I have been developing multiple dialogue-building, diversity, and inclusion-related initiatives for academic and student life units at the University of Michigan, including workshops, a working group, seminars, and department-specific programming and professional development.

pushing the doorframe through Lavapies 449x600 Teaching

Loreto Ares, Miguel “Melo” Quintana, Joan Taipo-San, Eryn Rosenthal, and José Luís Cano Blanco in Tú Aquí, a chapter of The Doors Project. Doorframe design by Bea Velasco; construction at La Nave Trapecio,
La Tabacalera Cultural Center, Madrid. Additional thanks to: Cristhian Salazar, Cecilia Ruiloba, José Jerónimo,
Natalia Sánchez-Ton i Normand, and Jesús Escobar. Photo by Cecilia Ruiloba.




Dance and Dialogue: Human Contact and Democracy;
Contact Improvisation;
Buoyant Wait;
Dance and Democracy; and 
Real-time composition

I teach workshops and master classes in the US, South Africa, and Europe in both Spanish and English. I’ve taught five semesters of Contemporary Dance and Contact Improvisation at the university level, and am an active member of international Contact Improvisation teacher exchange networks.

I also facilitate and design professional development trainings, as well as build curriculum for activists, dancers, musicians and actors. I delight in programming that expands audience and awareness of contemporary performance, and integrates it to other fields of knowledge. I love to bring diverse groups of people together, and create experiences that connect seemingly unrelated fields of knowledge through the body.

Please contact me if you are interested in a workshop, training, seminar, or speaking engagement.

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Hallie Aldrich and Eryn Rosenthal (Photo by David Papas, www.papas.com)