Bradley Teal Ellis and Eryn Rosenthal (Photo: Natalia López Muñóz)

*Audience members are invited to use their bipedal mobile devices (i.e. feet) to view each performance from at least 3 different custom angles or perspectives.  Limited edition performance.  Offer good only toward custom roving framing package which must include real-time mounting and framing of artwork.  No purchase required.

By Eryn Rosenthal and Bradley Teal Ellis
Original concept and direction: Eryn Rosenthal
Producer: Rob Sanchez
Costumes: Isabel Río
Soundscore: Bradley Teal Ellis
Koken: Isabel Río
Videographers: Natalia López Muñoz and Tony Santiago
All photos by Natalia López Muñoz unless otherwise noted.

3 part site-specific duet, commissioned by Crosby Street Gallery to kickoff their New Haven, Connecticut storefront space, Sept. 2010.

In 60% OFF ALL CUSTOM FRAMING, we experimented with shifting the audience’s perspective and relationship to space.  Our secret motivation: the gallerist Rob’s frustrations with the space of the pop-up gallery that wasn’t at all how he had expected it would look.  (“There’s a ramp! A ramp in the middle of the gallery! And a window—how am I supposed to hang up art in the gallery if there’s a window in the middle of it?!!” Etc.)  So beyond the original, pre-meditated challenge of creating a contact improvisation-based duet within the confines of a small, non-resilient glass-enclosed storefront window (contact improvisation is often characterized by its wide, expansive movement), we set out on our covert operation: to transform each of the spaces which most made Rob want to bang his head on a metal pipe.

This site-specific piece can be adapted and customized to the limitations and frustrations which you might have with your own space.

More detailed information on the operation


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