decapitation, by Marco Antonio de la Parra


by Marco Antonio de la Parra

A playwright and his wife get in a car accident and discuss the merits of bringing a child into the world.  The discussion generates a voyage through the most important landmark events in the lives of each, melding together the personal, political and historical and pushing the buttons where they intersect.

Director: Jesús Barranco

Assistant Director: Nieves Olcóz

Set Design: Tamara Acosta

Graphic Design: Marta Azparren

With Olga Navarro, Juan Claudio Burgos, Domingo Ortega, Sergio Herrero, Kike Palomo, Nacho Vera, and Eryn Rosenthal

Produced by blenamiboá and Proyecto Teatral Transatlántico

Performed at Teatro La Grada, Madrid, 2006

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