Media love for The Doors Project!

November 12, 2011

guiadelociobcn PAGINA 1 428x600 Media love for The Doors Project!

Just back from Spain!  Where The Doors Project headlined a festival!!! And made it onto PAGE ONE of La Guia del Ocio in Barcelona (see above–rough equivalent to Time Out in NYC), plus 6 other publications and 4 TV shows.  !

More important than any of that, though, was the deep response and connection we met with from audience members and general public of all stripes and sizes.  Super contenta estoy, although a bit linguistically confused, and in the middle of lots of plans and invitations to return! With a Dance and Democracy workshop I’ve been developing, plus some residencies and performances for The Doors Project.  Lots and lots to share…

Thank you so much to my incredible backers for your generous support of The Doors Project! YOU helped make this happen!

I’ll be sharing our adventures and plans in more detail (Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Markina, El Escorial), and posting more images, video, translations and updates in the coming months, but in the meantime here’s a sampling of some of the press from Portas/ The Doors Project in Barcelona, where we performed as part of Festival Lilliput. Humbly and gratefully yours,

xox Eryn


El País, the Spanish-language paper of note, calls our performance “la gran apuesta” (roughly, what they’re putting all their chips on) in the 2011 edition of Festival Lilliput!  See the penultimate paragraph, below.

El Pais full crop Media love for The Doors Project!


20minutos is the free newspaper distributed to commuters in Barcelona. It came out the morning of our performance with this photo of Ashley Macqueen and me by Ned Myerberg.  The article recommends our special kiosk-to-kiosk tour that evening where we danced in doorways, thresholds, and stairways throughout the narrow streets of old Barcelona.

20minutos version red 900x500 Media love for The Doors Project!


Columnist Edwin Winkels used Festival Lilliput to talk about the changing sociological, funding, and neighborhood landscapes of Barcelona; he prominently featured The Doors Project and called us “the main attraction” of the festival.  He also spoke about the project’s inspiration in the 15-M protest movement in La Puerta del Sol, Madrid.

Edwins article image closely cropped castellano Media love for The Doors Project!

Photo above by Edwin Winkels, in Montserrat’s beautiful kiosk on Thursday afternoon, after my first press conference! Note the many legs with colorful hosiery.
Here in the photo with all the members of my team in Barcelona: Paolo Cingolani, the dancer I collaborated with in our kiosk performances in Festival Lilliput; and in the background you can see Marta Martínez and Sergio Herrero Serradilla having a doorway moment.
–Marta danced and co-created the movement with me for the special kiosk tour we led on opening night, mentioned above; she was also my trusted assistant and “outside eye” throughout the creation process.  Sergio, whom you may recognize from the photos on our Kickstarter page, was also an integral part of the co-creation process and accompanied our dance with spoken word and text at the end of each performance, underneath the archways in La Plaza de Bonsuccés. He and his mischievous megaphone also played a major role in our kiosk-to-kiosk tour. (Larger photos and video coming soon!)



Journalist María Palau said we prescribed “pills” of dance (to combat budget cuts and economic crisis) using doors as metaphors for human relationships.  Photo below by Andrei Puig captures the moment on opening night when I danced out our kiosk door onto the street, only to run into some lovely customers on their way in to buy hosiery. We got to share a very fun and spontaneous doorway moment (and a couple of gleeful “Olés”!).

avui el punt imagen Media love for The Doors Project!


LA GUIA DEL OCIO, cover story and article:

La Guía del Ocio, roughly equivalent to Time Out in NYC, featured a picture of The Doors Project for their cover story, paying homage to “all things small.”  They understood doorways as the “contact space” between the public and the private: an integrated gateway to the tiny, ground floor family-owned businesses carved out of the stairways and entrance halls of many residential buildings throughout central Barcelona.

guiadelociobcn PAGINA 1 428x600 Media love for The Doors Project!guiadelociobcn PAGINA 17 429x600 Media love for The Doors Project!



(Photo of Ashley Macqueen and me by Ned Myerberg.)

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