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Albert Boadella: olfato al tiempo (roughly, “A Nose for Timing,” in Spanish) (2002)

Ubu y la Comisión de la Verdad: Teatro, metáfora, y memoria en Sudáfrica (Ubu and the Truth Commission: Theater, metaphor, and memory in South Africa) (2000)

– “Eso,” decían “yo quiero hacer eso”: Quechu y los zancos (“That,” they said, “I want to do that”: Quechu and the Stilts, in Spanish).  Interview with Argentinean director and clown Quechu Villalba  (2004)

All articles were published in OPHELIA, revista de teatro y otras artes (OPHELIA, journal of theater and other arts).
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As a King-Chávez-Parks Visiting Professor and Artist in Residence for Dialogue-Building, Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives at the University of Michigan, I have been conducting public workshops across campus that examine the connections between democratic activism and a dance form called Contact Improvisation. I have also been examining larger questions of institutional and departmental culture, and ways of productively shifting micro-environments toward being more inclusive and welcoming for people from diverse backgrounds. I also began an interdisciplinary working group.



As part of my course, Personal, Present and Immediate: Making Performance on Socio-Political Questions, I am currently hosting an interdisciplinary film series at the University of Michigan, open to the public. For more information on my previous work in curation, please see Play the Space, a site-based performance series I curated at First Street Art Park, NYC.


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