Buoyant Wait

02 Eryn Rosenthal The Doors Project rt leg bent tow door 00330624 lightened 400x225 Buoyant WaitEryn Rosenthal and Ashley Macqueen, by Ned Myerberg

Buoyant Wait (a.k.a. Contact Improvisation for Contemporary Dancers)

Buoyancy is related to lightness, and the action of bouncing back instead of sinking (for non-native English speakers: a buoy is that object that bobs on the water’s surface). In dancing, buoyancy for me is deeply connected to the breath, and our constant calibration of the relationship between timing, momentum and weight.  In this fundamentals class, we will build our intuitive reflexes and physical listening skills within the “Gravity Lab” of contact, while also finding room for buoyancy and play in our relationships. We’ll explore some useful material for achieving that “bounce-back” quality, fluidity, and confidence in our dance, and will work on getting into and out of the floor (and later, the air) with agility, safety and ease.


Teacher Bio:
Eryn Rosenthal is an active member of Contact Improvisation circles in New York and Massachusetts, and has taught CI at Dance New Amsterdam and 100 Grand in NYC as well as La Universidad Carlos III, Oakland University, the University of Michigan, and elsewhere. She has studied contact, improvisation, composition and contemporary dance with Elena Córdoba, Afrika Navarro, Kirstie Simson, Ray Chung, Bill T. Jones, Nancy Stark Smith, Reggie Wilson, Chris Aiken and many others in Spain and the U.S. since 1998. Her classes investigate joy, safety, and freedom as a reflective, reflexive, continual learning adventure.

Eryn is also an active choreographer/playwright, and has won multiple awards for her work in performance including an Open Society Institute President’s Grant to South Africa and a Fulbright fellowship to Spain. Her current work is very invested in site-specific performance and collaborative process. Eryn’s ongoing performance series The Doors Project premiered last fall in Barcelona and Madrid, and she has since been performing and developing work with architects, artists, and activists in Madrid, NYC, Detroit, Buenos Aires and Cape Town. The Doors Project was recently honored with an invitation to literally “open the doors” for the inauguration of First Street Green Art Park in NYC, where the Guggenheim Lab was last fall. Eryn is also the creator and curator of Play the Space, a multidisciplinary performance series in and around First Street Green. www.erynrosenthal.com


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